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Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who is Sloganza?

Sloganza is a team of specialized slogan writers, who’s only job is to write slogans for companies, products, services, social media campaigns, websites and more.

What fields do you specialize in?

Our experts are skilled creators who can write slogans for any market or industry. Our job is to phrase the right messages or values to your specific targets and help them anchor those messages in their minds.

How do I explain you what I need?

Every slogan project starts with a brief. We’ll need to know things like what you do, which kind of slogan you need, what is the target market and what is the business image you’re trying to convey.

Do you write slogans only for companies?

No, our creative team can write slogans for a new product, for a specific service, for an advertising campaign, for a social media campaign and more.

How many ideas you offer for each slogan project?

It depends on the package you order. For the Bronze Package you’ll receive 3 slogan ideas, for the Silver Package 5 slogan ideas and for the Gold Package 10 slogan ideas.

What if I don't like any of the ideas you sent me?

Since we have extensive expertise in slogans creation, it rarely happens. Anyway, if you order the Silver or Gold packages, we offer free revisions. 2 revisions for the Silver package, unlimited revisions for the Gold package.

Are the slogans you send me original?

Yes, all the slogan ideas we provide our clients are our own original ideas. We will never provide ideas used by other businesses.

Are there any restrictions when using the slogans you give us?

No, you can use your new slogan freely. Some of our clients trademark the slogans. Although it may not be necessary, we always advice our clients to consult with a professional lawyer on this topic.

Can I use all the 10 ideas you send me for the Gold Package?

No, you can use only one idea. If you wish to use more than one please contact us for further information. Though keep in mind that just like with a business logo, each company should use only one single slogan for its branding.

If I order a business slogan, can I also use it for my advertising campaigns?

You can use the slogan you ordered as you wish. Though we do not recommend to use your branding slogan in your advertising campaigns.

How do I pay for the slogan ideas?

The online payments for our projects are processed by Paypal. PayPal is a market leader in secure digital payments, offering clients a fast, flexible and convenient way to shop online. In the near future, we plan to enable the 2checkout gateway service as well.

What if I have further questions before starting the project?

If you have any further questions please contact Sloganza and we will be happy to answer them. You can use our email or contact form.

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